Changing your life

What does changing one’s life mean?

Our lives are, to say the least, complicated. Every day, we juggle multiple responsibilities — both personal and professional — and are always looking to better ourselves in the process. For most of us, doing that is an every day struggle. It’s a shame that talking about our constant struggles is usually swept under the rug in favor of promoting the hustle culture. Hustle is OK, if you are hustling for something that gives your life some meaning. Hustling for something just to keep our minds busy is toxic, to say the least.

  1. We keep hustling, keep ourselves busy, beat ourselves up every night for not being courageous enough, and at the same time, earning a more than average amount of money in our respective fields.
  2. We think what gives our lives meaning, then muster some courage to start out doing those things, fail multiple times over till we succeed, and earn a decent amount of money through it eventually, if not in the short-term.
  1. Hope
  2. Conviction that hard work will lead us somewhere even though the beginning might seem uncertain
  3. A lot of hard work, and I mean a lot. As an example, if we want to write well, we need to devote hours to writing and reading every day. I am trying to get better at it myself.
  4. Knowledge that we do not need to force our dreams on others, who themselves are facing a different set of challenges. This will make us humble.



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Constantly Improving

Constantly Improving

This is life, and we can take it a day at a time, it will be okay.